Naughty Boy The Drip 200g 40 Servings

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Flavour: Blue Wicked
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Naughty Boy The Drip

We bring to you the most modern and complete thermogenic appetite suppressant on the market.

Feeling ravenous? This'll fix that.

Need motivation? You got it.

Drained from work? Build the hype and GET IT DONE.

The drip is a high quality product from a high quality brand that you trust. Zone in on your diet, get in your cardio and add a trusted supplement to your regime.

  • A comprehensive fat burner loaded with a fully transparent panel of ingredients, including six patented ingredients

  • It was formulated to give you long-lasting energy, supreme focus and the feeling of Euphoria

  • It contains ingredients which will help your body counteract physical and mental stress, therefore, supporting cortisol levels