Naughty Boy Lifestyle Sick Pump Pre Workout

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SickPump does what the name says... it delivers a SICK PUMP.

Let's cut to the chase, 6g of citrulline and high quality Himalayan Pink Salt ensures that we'll hydrate your body and blow up your veins. 

Glycersize, nitrosigine, 300mg of vaso6 and betaine, these ADD to the already potent pump blend we had ready for you. 

It's not just vasodilation, it's hydration. We help you enhance the volume of fluid pumping through your tissue.

This is stimulant free - but we take away NONE of the hardcore aspect. You want a good workout? It's right here.

It's simply on another level to any other non-stim pre workout on the market. Naughty Boy doesn't mess around.

Naughty Boy’s SickPump consists of nine different ingredients, all of which are fairly well-dosed. A full serving of the supplement packs 4g of GlycerSize, a gram of Nitrosigine, 6g of pure citrulline, 300mg of Vaso6, and 2.5g of betaine. There is also bitter melon, pink Himalayan salt, vitamin C, and a gram of tyrosine.

Like most stimulant-free pre-workouts and as per its name, SickPump is mostly about enhancing muscle pumps. The product does, however, have a few other ingredients for benefits outside of pumps, such as improved mental focus as well as hydration support.

naughtyboy sick pump